Dog Switches Place In A Treat Line To Get An Extra Treat!


As the owner gave the last treat to the dog on the floor, we see the clever collie move once again, rushing to the beginning of the line as the owner started from the start of the line again. In this manner, the sneaky dog managed to get an extra treat each time the owner went down the line. When he gave the first collie its treat, the dog switched its position to the far left of the line multiple times to receive extra treats.

When the owner gave the treat to the last collie on the floor, the dog would switch its position to the far right of the screen. Tail wagging, we can see this dog loves his treats and could do this all day. Everyone loves to get more rewards for less work, and this collie found a way to beat the system. His intelligence and cleverness pay off as the owner pretends not to notice!

Feature Image Source: YouTube


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