Dog Won’t Get Off The Bed Until His Mommy Says This!

We’ve all heard the kids song about monkeys and the bed jumping activities. It is usually in reference to our own little ones liking to test our patience and our mattress with a little extra activity.

But, it’s not the only time that song applies. Take this video, for example, of a cute, not so little puppy that has decided that he, too wants, to jump up on the bed. And he’s not going to leave. He may not be jumping up and down on the bed, but he will not jump down off of the bed.

The lab is so over the heat of the day that neither his name, his parents calls, promises of treats or basically anything works to get him off of the bed. It frustrated the woman so much she had to get out her phone to document the lab being a stubborn little pup.

He acts like a baby, and just lays there until his mom thinks of the magic word that is sure to get him to his feet. What word? Well, it’s not food, it’s not love, it could only be the magic power of walking outside! Of course, all dogs love to go for a walk, and now is the best time of year to get your four legged family members out and about to lose some of that winter build up.

A tired lab is a happy lab, so don’t forget to say the magic word to your pet to get them up and on their feet. Share away, people!

Source: Foolproof Way To Get Your Dog Off Your Bed by AFV on Rumble

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