Ed Sheeran Surprises Couple At Their Wedding, But That’s Just One Part Of The Story


Imagine planning your wedding, getting everything all set…just about ready to send out all the invitations to your potential guest and the unthinkable happens…what and how would you cope with it?

That is exactly what happened to this couple just days before their wedding was supposed to take place. During a radio interview with KISS 106.5, Matt and his then Fiancé Kya explained that right before the wedding, Kya’s own mother had taken her life.

Obviously devastated and in mourning, the wedding was postponed and as if things couldn’t get any worse, Matt lost his job and was unemployed.

Fortunately the crew over at KISS 106.5 and the Sydney Bridal Expo decided to intervene and give this couple the wedding they deserved.

What happened when they let everyone know their favorite song however really made this newlywed couple share tears of Joy.

See Ed Sheeran Walk Up and Sing Their First Dance Song In This Surprise Video Here


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