Feisty Ginger Kitten Wants Nothing To Do With This Yellow Human Food!


Cats are the quirkiest pets, and their ability to lose interest in a toy is legendary, but nothing has quite hit the internet that shows a cat quite like this one.

While playing with your food is always discouraged, this is the first time we’ve seen a cat that is down right scared of it. The poor little thing is just sitting around the house when it encounters this alien-like, yellow fruit that neither tastes or behaves as a good food should. So when he is thrown face to face with it, it’s really no wonder that he doesn’t take to it.

We, unfortunately, never find out the quirky tabby’s name, but the orange little fur-ball deserves a name that is equal to his ferocious nature. As we can see in the film, his family knows about his aversion to bananas and likes to tease him about it!

The woman in the video is surely playing with fire when she taunts the poor thing with the banana. Holding it like a gun and thrusting it in his face, the woman used the banana like a gun in a stick up to, following the cat side to side while he tries not to have the banana gun pointed at him.

Take A Look At This Hilarious Video Here!


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