Fluffy Piglet Gets Ready, And When The Song Starts Playing? OMG!


If you’re in need of a smile today, we have got something for you. This is guaranteed to make you chuckle, and if you can only watch it once, our hats are off. The key to a great video is simplicity. This is funny just because it is.

No one needs it explained to them, and it’s funny for any age, and in any language. The best part of it is that it really does poke some fun at a new trend; one that gets enough internet attention as it is. Yes, we’re talking about twerking; and as trends go, this one has probably gotten more than it’s fair share. But nothing has ever come out like this.

The young little teacup piglet has the cutest white hair, and does a great job of looking right into the camera for this video. Our little star is scratching her back on the table, but whoever filmed it chose the best few seconds to loop over and over, and the result is amazing.

The song that is playing is by Rihanna and is called “Work”. This piglet definitely lives up to the name of the song, and puts in work. The twerking skills that this pig has will be enough to make anyone trying to learn how to twerk jealous.

Work Work Work ?

Posted by Franco Merino on Wednesday, 16 March 2016

You will chuckle the first time this video loops, laugh the second time, and by the last time you will be finding the share button. Do yourself a favor and check out this pig, and send it to any of your friends!


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