For This Tiny Puppy, Size Doesn’t Matter So He Goes After The…Great Dane!


The famous role of a younger sibling is to annoy any older siblings present. Siblings come in all shapes and sizes, a fact clearly demonstrated by this Great Dane and tiny pint sized pug puppy!

The Great Dane, lounging on a sofa, clearly wants some sleep. Even scrunched up, the large dog takes up more than half of the sofa space. His legs and tail hang suspended off the couch giving the little black puppy the perfect opportunity to hone his annoying skills.

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Approaching the tail, the puppy begins to nip at it. Clearly feeling the sharp little teeth, the Dane lifts it out of reach temporarily before bringing it back down. The little dark pug nips it again and shows no signs of backing off the sleepy Great Dane.

As all little siblings know, one must never underestimate their older sibling’s tolerance level. Like a pro, the puppy nips and scoots under the bookcase to avoid any potential retaliation before venturing back out. The spunky puppy proceeds to test his patient older sibling by licking and nipping the paws after tiring of the tail.

See How This Puppy Totally Annoys His Massive Big Brother Here!



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