Foster Son Starves While Mom And Her Daughter Eat. Then A Stranger Does THIS


Adoption and foster care can be some of the most heart wrenching tales you’ll ever hear. Foster and adoptive parents can be some of the bravest, most selfless people that you will ever meet.

However, a new disturbing study has shown that there are people who take in foster children as a way to make money, and their numbers are growing. These people are out to abuse the child care system, and are hurting the youth of the country in the process.

While regulation and better guidance in the future may help, a TV news program wanted to ask the question: “What would you do if you saw someone treating a foster child differently than a biological one?”. The show set up hidden cameras in a popular diner to find out the answer.

There were many different reactions to the scene that some actors played out. The young family played their parts well, and customer reactions all seem genuine, if varied. Some people seemed to think that it was not their place to step in and tell another adult how to raise their children. Others, however, felt the need to speak up to protect the child which the felt was not treated fairly.

Now Take A Look At A Stranger Said To This Mother


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