Gerard Butler Shares His Hilarious Kilt Wardrobe Malfunction! OMG This Is FUNNY!


Remember Gerard Butler? The star from so many movies? Well, he shared with the world his hilarious kilt wardrobe malfunction and it’s funny! Very funny!

Okay so a little about Gerard Butler before we proceed! With over 2 millions likes on his Facebook page and 358k followers on Twitter, Gerard is a Scottish actor who has appeared in several movies. In 2007, he won the best fight award in MTV Movie Awards for the movie 300! He was also nominated several times for the different roles he has played in Hollywood. Born on the 13th of November 1969, Gerard is a trained lawyer who moved to acting in the mid-90s. So what’s this about? Well, in 2012, a video was uploaded on YouTube which showed Gerard sharing his hilarious, absolutely hilarious, kilt wardrobe malfunction! In this video he was quoted saying,

I wore a kilt in my sister’s wedding…and I had to go up and do a reading and my mother and the family were in the front row and of course as you know in Scotland there’s a certain rule to wearing the kilt…” and then it turns funny!

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Featured Image Source: BBC America


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