Giant Dog Adorably Argues With Mom. The Reason? I’m Cracking Up!


It takes a special human to be a big dog owner, because as you know, no matter the size of the puppy, they all love attention.

And when I say love attention, I mean it doesn’t matter if your pup is 6 or 16, you gotta give them all the loves right now! This Newfoundland is a breed of doggie who weigh 100 to 150 pounds and were originally bred in order to help fishermen pull in nets and help lumberjacks haul wood in from the forest. Despite these workhorse beginnings, these dogs adapt well to both home and apartment dwelling, are gentle around kids, and absolute suckers for a belly rub!

This pup’s owner has an immaculate living room, which this dog is happy enough to stretch out in and enjoy the belly scratches his human is only to glad to provide. But check it out when she politely asks him if she can ‘stand up now’! OMG, I’m dying on account of the cute! He stretched out his leg and thumps a tail that looks s big as her arm on the floor, making a resounding “Thwack!”

The owner doesn’t even flinch, and shakes her head, insisting that no, nope, she’s done for the day.  As curmudgeonly as a toddler, he starts giving her the deep throated growl of dissent, smacking his tail on the ground again as she insists, over and over, that no way, she’s so done! Finally, everything end on a happy now when she gives in and gives the newly ecstatic pup the belly rubs he’s been begging for.  I love a happy ending!

Feature Image Source: Rumble



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