Gigantic Bird Shows Up On Their Porch, But When They Saw Her Tail? Whoa!


Animals, just like people, come in all shapes and colors imaginable. It’s not surprise then when a peacock of rare colors displayed in this video.

The peacocks white tail is an eye catcher that even the neighbors are sure to be peaking over the fence to see. While you can’t tell throughout the video, the contrast it creates with the peacocks blue eyes is a stunning combination that would be hard to beat by even the most talented of models.

This peacock doesn’t just possess the looks for Hollywood however it soon becomes easily apparent it has the attitude required too. It proceeds to unfurl it’s tail and pace about with a swagger any of today’s greatest red carpet stars would be envious of!

This peacock is clearly no stranger to being filmed and photographed and seems to know exactly what angles it wants to be seen from. It’s enormous tail leaves me in astonishment with the full size of it. It must be even more startling in person and without a doubt is a sight to see. This bird is sure to attract more mates than it has feathers.

Take A Look At This Epic Video Here! You’ll Be Glad You Did!



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