Go Home Robots – You’re Drunk


Have you ever seen the Will Smith movie iRobot?

Well this is nothing like it and you’ll see why below.

In case you haven’t, here’s the scenario: Will Smith lives in a world of robots who were made to be personal assistants to humans. The problem is that the computer program used to control the robots takes control of them all and places humans under martial law while she tries to take over the world. It’s Will Smith’s job to save the human race from annihilation, but these robots are much more advanced than humans. They’re stronger, better programmed, and have no emotions.

These seemingly indestructible hunks of metal spend pretty much the entire movie trying to kill Will. Does he save the world? Of course we’re not going to tell you that. It’ll spoil the whole movie! You’ll have to watch it yourself.

So, remember how those robots were so super smart and agile and deadly? These robots are nothing like that. In fact, they’re the exact opposite. They’re clumsy and clunky and they *may* have hit the sauce on their lunch breaks. Want to see some awesome robot fails?

Screenshot 2015-06-11 13.49.20

Screenshot 2015-06-11 13.49.38

Screenshot 2015-06-11 13.50.00

 What do you think…think they look like they had a few too many last night and couldn’t perform at the robotics convention LOL.

Source: Cordovas


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