Golfers Stalked By An Unrelenting Fox!

Two golfers, expecting a tranquil game of golf  are quickly joined by an uninvited guest. The two were interrupted by an unrelenting fox who wish to play a backwards game of fetch!

So the two were forced to change their game from golf to an active game of get that fox. The fox approached quickly and fearlessly toward the two golfers after spotting is predetermined target from the tree line. In a moment the prey was caught between the fox’s powerful teeth-a driver sock belonging to one of the golfers.

One of the golfers instantly gives chase to retrieve the sock but the fox briskly trots off. Not willing to lose the expensive piece of equipment the golfer picks up his speed. Sensing his approach the fox instantly drops the driver sock, allowing the golfer to retrieve it and return to join his buddy.

Now See What The Fox Does Next In The Video Here!

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