Grandma Elephant Rushes In When She Sees THIS. But Keep Your Eyes On The Baby…


I’m sure we’ve all been in the situation where we’re in a bit of a pickle and just don’t quite know the best way to resolve the sticky issue we have gotten caught up in.

Naturally our grandparents are the ones to go to for advice, with their age and wisdom they are paramount to our success throughout life. This is no different for elephants however! This video shows that even in the dangerous and wild plains of Africa we can still rely on our elderly.

A small baby elephant is easily snared in a muddy sink hole while trumping about the fields. Mother soon arrives thankfully and is quick to pull her child out. Or so you would think. The mud easily proves a tougher factor than she thought however and it turns out all she has done is sink her child further into the mud that holds it captive. Worry not however, for here comes good ole grandma!

She quickly realizes she’s seen this situation before and knows the child simply has to work it’s own way out of the mud.

Take A Look At What Happened Next Here!


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