Grandpa Clint Chadbourne Gets Stuck And It Couldn’t Be More Hilarious! OMG!


Clint Chadbourne became a sensation after he went viral on the internet for getting stuck in his seat belt! When you know why, you’ll crack your ribs! OMG and I’m still laughing!

Grandpa Clint Chadbourne was probably going somewhere or returning from somewhere when he literally got stuck to his seat because of his seat belt- which was thanks to his gut! He didn’t know that this would make him an internet sensation! And he went viral! And he’s funny! OMG! So a few weeks ago, when Clint Chadbourne was trying to get out of the car, he couldn’t! His daughter Kelly filmed this hilarious video and his wife, Bonnie, struggled to get him free! His wife went and shared this video on Facebook and it has received 30.5 million views! That’s because it’s hilarious!

Click To Watch Grandpa Clint Chadbourne And His Hilarious Problem Right Here!


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