This Guy Brought His Dog To A Small Pond and Met and Received an Unexpected Visitor – Then He Recorded The Encounter


While walking through the woods with his Golden Retriever, this guy came across a small water hole and allowed his dog to go in and play in it. While there they got this little guy who came in to play as well. While there this “visitor” decided to have some fun and play with the dog.

After a long time of running around, jumping and trying to get the dog to play, the Golden Retriever just didn’t want to join in on the fun, all he wanted to do was sit there. He must have thought to himself ” I got her first…this is my time to play.”

Luckily he filmed the entire confrontation and you can see it here. I would have loved to see this, or better yet had that have been my dog with the same fun opportunity.


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