He Looks Like A Normal Duckling, Now Turn Up Your Volume To See Why He’s Going Viral!


Ducklings are the most adorable of baby birds, hands down. The bright yellow color, the wispy feathers, and the cute little waddle make ducklings possible one of the cutest animals in the whole world.

The only thing that is more precious than a baby duck, though, is a sleeping baby duck. And if you don’t believe it, just check out this video. Ducklings, as it turns out, can snore while they sleep; and yes it is as heart-warming as it sounds. The precious little duck in the video is lucky enough to live in that house with the family. He and his favorite person decided to take a little nap one Sunday afternoon, and lo and behold the duck began to snore!

The man, after taking a good chuckle at the duckling’s expense, had to whip out his camera to capture this video of the slumbering puff-ball. The snoring starts softly, but as the video goes on it gets louder and more nasally. The crazy thing is that it sounds just like a person snoring!

Take A Look At This Epic Video Here!


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