He Set Up A Hidden Camera To See What His Dog Was Up To Behind His Back. The Results? #Hilarious

This human always wondered what his dog was up to when he left the house, so he set up a hidden camera. The results dropped his jaw! This is hilarious!

Most of the times we don’t allow our pet dogs to climb on the beds because some of us think that they shed too much. There might be other reasons, but for me it’s the shedding. My dog loves to climb the bed, but I don’t encourage it, so I understand that most people have the same reactions. This human also doesn’t allow his pet dog on the bed, but does the dog follow the rules? He set up a hidden camera and what he saw dropped his jaw! This is hilariously adorable!

In less than a minute the dog becomes completely crazy! Then 50 seconds later, he gets punched by the cat! LOL

See What The Dog Did As Soon As The Human Left! You’re Going To Love This!

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