He Told His Dog To Go Outside. His Reaction? I’m Still Laughing!


Some dogs defy the limits of intelligence, able to remember hundreds of human words, work as part of police and rescue teams, and even use their advanced senses to warn us of diseases, bombs, or other threats to our health.

Those dogs are amazing. This is not one of those dogs. The power of habit is strong, and, for some dogs, overpowering at times. This dog has lived nearly all of her life at this house and in all that time there were always two doors: a wooden one and one with a glass or screen window.

After years of seeing the wooden one open, but having to wait until the screen or glass was moved to get out, things must have gotten stuck in there that the second door opening was all part of the potty process. Now, the family has the screen out to get it repaired, but the dog hasn’t quite figured it out.

The whole situation is beyond hilarity, especially when the man sees if he can demonstrate to the dog that there is nothing stopping her now from going outside.

Take A Look At This Hilarious Video Here!


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