He Walked Up On Stage With Low Confidence, But When He Started Singing…Everyone’s Jaw Dropped!


They say that Opera music is the only music that scientifically is guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye.

True or not, it is true that certain performances are real tear-jerkers, and one of the men who is most talented in the modern era at singing the music that can bring people to their feet and a tear to people’s eyes is Paul Potts. His tale is the definition of a heart-warming, feel-good story.

Paul was born Kingswood, and in school he was the target of many bullies. His self confidence began to waver in those years, so much so that years later, it still effected him.

He had done some amateur stage performances prior to appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, but he wasn’t prepared for the reception that his audition would get.

Take A Look At His Spine Tingling Audition Here!


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