Her Boss Followed Her After Work One Day. He Couldn’t Believe Where She Was Going

If you were a boss, how would you react if your employee was meeting someone after work, every single day? Curious to find out, this boss followed her after work and then couldn’t believe it. 

This short film from Thailand is part of a series known as “My Beautiful Woman” that features the story of a hard working  young woman and her struggle. Many of us can relate to this, actually and I personally know a few people who have experience this first-hand 🙂 This is the story of an accounts manager called Uracha Thammaporn, a confident young woman who was always early to work and the last one to leave. Because of this dedication, her boss granted her Fridays off, but nobody knew what she did every Friday.

Some people in her office said that she had an affair with a young man. Then one day Uracha was absent from work and it wasn’t Friday. She had been absent for many days and someone had told her boss that she was seen leaving with a young man. One day her boss got curious and decided to follow her after work, and when he found out her secret, he was speechless. Soon after Uracha decided to resign and her boss said, “You might not fit with our company.

How Would You React To Uracha’s Secret? Find Out What She Was Hiding

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