Her Boyfriend Laughed At Her Pet Fox, Seconds Later, I’m Laughing Too!

Foxes have just recently begun to be brought in to people’s homes as more than just a rescue or a medical mission.

Nowadays, foxes are sometimes adopted as permanent family members into a house, though there are many regulations and they can change depending on where you live. So, don’t let this video get your hopes up necessarily, but this fox will make you want to check out what it might take for you to get one in your home too! Just remember to do your research as foxes have many quirks which make them a much different family member than a dog.

For example, foxes will laugh at you. Yes, and if you don’t believe it just take this video out! The man in the video starts to laugh and the fox mimics him in the cutest laugh you’ll ever hear! There is nothing bark like in this laugh, and it’s enough to cause a chain reaction of laughter that probably is the reason the video cuts out short. The fox is an Arctic fox, and his family says that he loves to spend time around people and hang out with the group. We bet he is really popular, what with his winning smile and contagious laugh.

When my boyfriend laughs, Archer laughsTo use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensing@storyful.com

Posted by Kristina Shafer on Sunday, 13 March 2016

If you are thinking you’d like a fox in your house now, remember they are a roommate that likes not to bathe. The musky scent is a part of fox’s natures, as well as some other not so great habits like marking their homes with urine and an intense veterinarian and grooming bill. They are, however, the cutest little fur-balls we’ve ever seen; especially when they are all white like this guy.

Feature Image Source: Kristina Shafer

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