Her Kids Were In A SUV Rolling Towards A Cliff, What This Mother Did Is Amazing!

Nothing can ever be compared to the love a mother has for her children, but this woman? This is the heights of motherly love!

There are some mothers who might not be a strong as this one, but remember that any mother would fight tooth and nail to protect her children, in fact, you will see this trait in any female species, be it human or animal. this is the story of a mother called Joy Veron, a woman who wouldn’t even blink at the opportunity to save her children, even if it cost her, her life. And to everyone’s surprise, she did exactly that – risked her own life to save her children from falling off a cliff. Her children were seated in the SUV during  a family outing when suddenly the vehicle began rolling down the road towards a steep canyon cliff.

Fearing their safety, what this woman did, will shock you and you will never forget it! She threw herself under the car to help save her children from falling off the cliff and her father quickly came to the rescue, he jumped in the car and immediately hit the emergency brakes, just moments before the car would have fallen off. While her children were safe, Joy was severely injured, and according to the doctors then, she had little hope to walk again. Although Joy was bound to the wheelchair, she kept on living, keeping an eye on her children, but her tremendous strength was tested yet again.

Take a look at this brave mother’s Powerful Story Right Here

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