Howard Starts To Mock This Young Man Immediately…Then This Happened

Are you ready to be completely blown away and surprised at yourself for possibly making a judgement before you hear what you are about to see?

Imagine how it feels to be an outcast with your peers and family!? They say we all have inner strength and talent. Many young people won’t believe this when they do not feel they fit in with normal life styles that are expected of them.

When people feel they are backed into a corner that is pretty much how they tend to live. Acceptance of our individuality should be our right of passage. However it doesn’t always end up that way.

Andrew De Leon was one of those people, the kind of person that when others see him, they automatically pass judgement and think he’s nothing more than a sad, depressed gothic teenager looking for attention.

What they wouldn’t know without speaking with him, is his absolutely tremendous and SHOCKING gift. Not only is he a shy but compassionate young man, but he’s doing this all without anyone else…NOT EVEN HIS PARENTS aware of his amazing gift!

Watch What Happened The First Time He Ever Sang To Anyone

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47 Responses to “Howard Starts To Mock This Young Man Immediately…Then This Happened”

  1. I know his eyes aren’t real, but I can’t take my eyes off of them. I so glad the crowd loved him.

  2. so humble and polite…”never judge a man by the clothes he wears, nor the color of his hair” — author, Somebody famous

  3. This kid has a gorgeous voice. Yes his eyes are real. He just has a lot of gothic makeup on.

  4. Wow! Didn’t see that coming! Totally awesome!

  5. what an awesome voice this young man has

  6. I remember watching this and crying like a baby listening to him sing.

  7. This guy should be on a stage somewhere!!

  8. leson.. NEVER judge by appearances until you know he person

  9. I remember seeing him the 1st time he preformed… awesome, Just not crazy about his eyes.

  10. He did a really GOOD job!!! Hope he goes onward!!

  11. And to know that this was the first time… EVER.. that he has sung for anyone, even his parents….When he first came on stage, even the judges were ready to write him off, but when he began to sing in that lovely voice of his, Yeah, I had tears in my eyes and i was rooting for him all the way.

  12. I love Howies reaction most of all, he stands up and looks out into the crowd to spot his parents and asks, “How proud are you of your son right now?” 😀

  13. He did awesome! Desipte being diferent! Not many can sing like that!

  14. Do yourself a favor. Listen to him. Goes to prove you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  15. I saw this episode. Do NOT EVER judge a book but it’s cover, if that cover is a human being!

  16. I saw this…he had never sung in front of people…his parents never heard him sing…he was awesome!!

  17. Fantastic voice! God Given.

  18. What an amazing voice and story to go with it. Love your singing. Great job.

  19. Gave me goosebumps. I’m so happy for him…

  20. OMG!!!!! You must watch… Will give you chills

  21. this actually brought tears to my eyes .. wonderful

  22. this was quite long ago. Love this guy!

  23. This was absolutely amazing. Never judge a book by it’s cover.

  24. i loved this guy…wonderful voice

  25. Wow!! How amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  26. I remember this show. He looked very wierd but this was his thing. But boy could he sing. Don’t judge a book…….

  27. You need to watch this one..

  28. Beautiful….and he is adorably handsome!

  29. Don’t matter his looks. OMG Beautiful voice .

  30. What courage he had to get in front of an audience under the circumstances..An example of why we shouldn’t judge people by the way they look

  31. How sad that he kept this gift to himself and didn’t even share it with his parents. No wonder he feels like an outcast, how could you not know your child is this talented ?

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