Hyper Active Puppies Meet A Very, Very, Very Patient Cat!


Often when someone is new to a situation, they see people they admire and strive to win their attention and respect. By gaining attention they may hope to secure the friendship of this admired individual.

Sometimes, they tend to do this by “kissing up”, which is a common phrase that means that they are trying to please the person they look up to in any way. A two minute video captures the reaction of a cat with two puppies literally kissing up with him. Two doting, malamute mix sibling puppies, one grey and one black, are eager to meet and make friends with this kitty.  At the time of the video the puppies were being fostered in the home where the cat, Finn, lived.


Composed of two scenes the video captures the relationship between the cat and the puppies. The first scene begins with the grey puppy licking Finn’s nose with Finn no so much as flinching a millimeter. Then the puppy circles Finn who is sitting while the second black puppy enters the screen and joins in. This time Finn jumps up and starts walking away.

See This Entire Video Here!


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