If Water Were Lava, This Clever Cat’s Creative Solution Will Make You Laugh!


After gracefully descending a set of stone steps, a cat stands on the bank of a river, facing a serious dilemma. She must get to the other side without getting wet. Her only option is a narrow, homemade, metal crossing path the width of her body!

As she starts across she realizes that there’s a catch, the raised sides of the bridge have captured water turning it into a mini pool suspended over an even wider stream. The lesser of two evils to be sure, but still unpleasant for this feline. To her, getting her paws wet is not only unthinkable but also unpleasant. It’s like touching food in the garbage disposer when you drop a spoon in or fingernails on a blackboard.


The cat isn’t give much time to hesitate at the bridge, as a man behind her, presumably the owner, tells her to go across. One would think she would bulk at the thought, or try to jump across. But her response is much more clever, almost as if she imagined the water to be made of lava.

Many children play this popular game. Placing an obstacle of objects on the floor with one mission, getting to the other side without touching the “lava” floor. In this case, the lava is water and the consequences just as grave for this cat’s paws. Her solution? Straddle the bridge!

Check Out This Cat’s Hilarious Solution To Escape The Water Here!


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