In Less Than 20 Seconds You’ll Know Why They’re Laughing At This Adorable Toddler!


This little toddler was fast asleep, and then as soon as her favorite song started playing, everyone started laughing hard! You’ll love it!

How many times do you involuntarily tap your feet, bob your head, snap your fingers or groove when you hear your favorite song? It happens to most of us! We sort of get lost in the melody and all we want to do is cherish that moment with our favorite song….dance to the tunes and have some fun!

Now this family here knows that no matter how deep asleep their little toddler is, there’s only one thing that will wake her up and put her in the dancing mood – Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know“!

In this video you’ll see her fast asleep, and you can tell that she doesn’t nudge no matter what, but as soon as her favorite song starts playing, her family erupts into laughter!

Take a look!

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Super Hilarious!


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