Is This An Illusion Or Are The Russian Dance Group ‘Berezka’ Really Floating?!

The Russian Dance Group called Berezka performed a dance that had me completely hypnotized! i’m not sure whether this is an illusion or are they really floating like pretty spirits?!

Not only are these women extremely pretty and beautiful, their traditional dance will leave you scratching your head! This stunning and incredible dance by Berezka left me speechless and mesmerized at the same time! When you play the video, you’ll literally see them floating on stage! Yes!

Berezka is Russian for birch tree and this group has been wowing audiences since 1948! According to a site called Oddity Central, “Every concert put up by the Berezka starts with a circle dance, called the Khorovod, in which they perform the sliding step. There are several rumors that the dancers who join the Berezka Ensemble are sworn to secrecy, and aren’t even permitted to reveal the step to family!

See The Ladies Of The Berezka Float On Stage! You Won’t Believe What You See!

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