It Was Her First Day Of School. Watch Her REACTION When Daddy Came To Pick Her Up


For many people in the USA in the past few weeks, it may have been a hard time for them mentally. Many of us dropped our child off at school for the first time this year. Many may have dropped their son or daughter, or perhaps grandchild for the first time ever.

There are feelings of happiness, as well as a bit of sadness when this happens. The first day of school for children and parents is pretty bittersweet.

I bet this dad was looking forward to showing up at his little girl’s nursery school all day to pick up this little cutie pie after her first day was over.

I bet he knew she would be excited to see him, but I doubt he knew it was going to be this ADORABLE 🙂

Just wait and see what she does when he calls out to her and she realizes who he was after a moment. I’m sure it’s going to put a smile on your face as big as it did to me.



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