Jamie Raven Asked The Judges To Watch The Screen. The Results Dropped Simon Cowell’s Jaw. Just OMG.


I don’t know what to say about Jamie Raven, but if you find out the trick, add your comments because this is AMAZING! Simon Cowell now believes in magic!

I bet everything that this is going to perplex us all forever, especially if we never find out how Jamie Raven did it! I still can’t believe how he did it! This post is about Jamie Raven, a 31-year old man who is a magician. He was quoted saying, “My earliest memory of watching magic was when I was 10 or 11. we were on a family holiday and we were out in a restaurant and I had a magician who came over and he did his act and it was amazing!” This is exactly why he became a magician 20 years later! When you see how he blows the judges away, you will be stupendified!

Click Here To Also See Simon Cowell’s Unbelievable Reaction!


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