Judge Collapses When She Hears Who’s Singing On The Stage


The voice has created some powerful viral videos, but now Holland can claim that one of their own has joined the ranks of internet fame the show has brought.

And what a performance it is. On a blind audition, singer Jennie Lena took the stage amid a fierce competition. The performances that day were some of the best, but she had her own confidence, and when she got in the spotlight no one was quite prepared for what would happen next.

Jennie, who went on to make it to the final four competitors that season, went viral with this audition, getting more than 5 million views on YouTube. And it’s not hard to see why.

She’s singing the song “Who’s Loving You”, a beautiful song written by Smokey Robinson that takes quite the lungs to perform well.

Jennie gives the song a whole new flavor than Smokey and his band could ever have, though, and in doing so she brings the audience to their feet and the judges to wide-eyed disbelief.

You really will be blown away at the beginning, but Jennie saves the best for last, so make sure to watch the whole video.

Take A Look At This Incredible Performance Here!


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