Judges and Audience Laughed At This Shy 14 Year Old Girl…Until She Started Singing


As She took the stage, you could see how nervous her Mom and her friend were for her when she took the stage, and the judges didn’t make her feel exactly comfortable either.

When they show the shots from the audience you can also see the audience laughing and pointing at her, but that didn’t deter her, she knew she was there to surprise everyone, and was not going to let a few people who were unsure of what they were about to witness, bother her.

The judge asked her to take a deep breath and start the song…what happens next immediately made the audience’s mouths drop to the floor!

I say this is some of the best and sweetest revenge when someone decides to start making fun of another person, and they completely rock it out!

We don’t know if this girl knew she was as good as she really is, but she proved everyone’s doubts about her almost immediately and no one was giggling at her anymore…

They were cheering her on the more she sang, and the more she sang, the more impressed the judges and audience got.

Watch Shiane Perform Her jaw dropping song that
surprised them all right here


  1. I hope this girl gets a record deal. She is amazing. The way she got the crowd going was fantastic. Never doubt yourself Shiane, you have SO much talent to give to this world.


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