Judges and Audience Laughed At This Shy 14 Year Old Girl…Until She Started Singing


I love the look on their faces when she starts to sing. It’s the complete opposite reaction that they thought they would have.

Even the audience who were making faces and pointing at her expecting her to go up on stage and disappoint everyone couldn’t believe their ears.

We hope you enjoy watching this video of Shiane as much as we do, it’s a true testament to the power of “Never Judge a Book By It’s Cover”

These are some of the best stories you read and hear about on the internet. Who doesn’t love a good old story of the person that looks completely different than the “part” and gets up and does something that blows everyone away.

Think This Story Was Good – Wait Until You See This One! 


  1. I hope this girl gets a record deal. She is amazing. The way she got the crowd going was fantastic. Never doubt yourself Shiane, you have SO much talent to give to this world.


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