Judges Thought These Were Just “Some Boys”, But When They Started Singing…OMG!


Talent shows bring out the best in people, transforming lives by showcasing true talent to the world- if your fortunate to be talented. Others on Britain’s Got Talent are forced to realize that they lack talent and need to find a new dream. 

One duo of contestants were ready to try their luck at pleasing the judges and gaining the admiration of the audience. Two very charming boys by the names Charlie Lenehan, aged 15, and Leondre Devries, 13, stepped onto the stage ready to perform.

A bit of a backstory, Leondre experienced bullying in primary school/elementary school grades. He was finally able to stand up to the bully and eventually transferred into another school.  Rather than internalize his struggles, Leondre liked to write out his feelings into lyrics.

At his new school he met Charlie and their friendship just clicked. Leondre says that their bond is like brothers while Charlie believes that Leondre wouldn’t be as confident or cheeky if he didn’t handle his anxiety out through his music.

He Was Anxious And Scared, But Watch Their Jaw Dropping Performance Here!


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