Kneading Kitty Goes to Work!


An adorable cat name Maru is a master of multitasking. With a blue feather toy, tethered to a stick, gripped firmly in his jaws he decides to take on a second task, bread-making. No meal’s complete without some nice warm bread to go with it, or so the cat seems to think!

With his two front paws Maru effectively kneads the fluffy white cushion he is on. His back legs, in the meantime, try to push away the stick and string that hold the feather “prey” in place. Rhythmically pushing in and out with its front paws with his front paws, Maru alternates between his left and right paw.  There is no doubt that if this had been real dough, he would have kneaded it to perfection!


But why is Maru kneading? Animal behaviorists have identified several reasons and theories as to why cats enjoy kneading. The first is to show contentment. You see, when a cat is a wee little kitten, he or she instinctively kneaded against their mother to help stimulate milk production during nursing.

After growing older, the kneading is continues and is associated with the feeling of contentment they had when they were nursing. Thus, when they are happy and content, this childhood behavior is displayed. Some cats compliment this behavior by purring loudly to voice their bliss!

Now Take A Look At This Cat Kneading The Purrrfect Dough Here!


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