Mama Cats Starts Talking, But See Who She’s Talking To! Aww!


If you have ever heard a kitten’s yelp, you’ll know it’s a very distinctive sound. Its cry, like a human baby’s is, designed to capture the attention of the parent and be heard from a distance.

That’s why young babies are often as loud or louder than their parents. So, just like for human babies, there is a process where a parent cat can “teach” its babies how to go from their kitty yelping to all of the variety of cat meows, growls, purrs, and noises. The kittens in this video are great at yelping for food, but if you listen, the mother does something totally different in response.

The kittens are snug in a cage wrapped up with towels and blankets, so they can’t be too old. No age is to young for a parent to start talking to their child, though. The kittens yelp sharply in search of their mother, but she does not copy them, or simply purr, but responds in a weird warble that is half purr and half meow.

This is not a hungry meow, or a frustrated meow, or even an ‘open the door’ meow, but the most motherly and kind sound you’ve ever heard a cat make. You really need to hear it, as it is beyond description.

Take A Look At This Adorable Conversation Here!


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