Mama Gave Birth To 10 Puppies. But There’s One Thing Special About Each Of Them!


Animals are well known to be a source of comfort to many people across the world. They provide us with a sense of affection and love that comes without attachments.

Yet this litter of pups has provided a sense of healing and security that is nothing short of heart touching. Tracey McMenamy, a foster parent at Operation Paws, whose goal is the finding of loving homes for abandoned or homeless pets, is the wife to a police officer.

When her rescue dogs gave birth to a litter of ten pups she was inspired by the idea to name each puppy after an individual officer who has fallen, giving his life in the line of duty. Many of the families who have lost husbands and fathers on duty have contacted Tracey about the adoption of the puppy named after their lost loved one.

Some have already adopted their pup while others are either waiting to adopt or in the process of adopting.

Take A Look At This Heart Warming Video Here


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