Man Flips A Glass Aquarium Upside-Down, Now Keep Your Eye On The Fish… Unbelievable!


Sometimes that light-bulb moment strikes and creation and inspiration conspire and something magical happens.

Such is the case when one day this man was staring at his koi pond and wondering if they were looking at him. This obviously led him to thinking about what exactly his fishy friends could see, which turned out to not be a whole lot.

That is when he had that eureka moment, and set out to build something that would give his fish a better view of their world that any fish has possibly had before; and the result is amazing! The plan started with just the basic concept of a tower, to give them some vertical height.

After experimenting for a while with other fish tanks that provided a proof of his concept, he set out to build a tower shaped tank that would allow his fish an unparalleled view of the world. The tower has no bottom, so the fish are free to come and go as they please!

Take A Look At This Incredible Video Here!


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