MattyB Uses His Rap Skills To Defend His Sister With Down Syndrome In A New Video.

MattyB is just 12 years old and his sister Sarah Grace is 8 years old born with down syndrome. This 12 years old did what some people don’t do – stand by his sister and make her the center of attention! He deserves a standing ovation!

We think we know what it’s like to be bullied for something you have no control over. Despite all the education, all the sermons and speeches, we live in a world where differences exist all around us. The worst part is that we get caught up in these differences so easily especially when it’s harming someone we love. But not MattyB. Thankfully for Sarah Grace, she has an angel over her in the form of her brother who is defending her from these differences. He used his skill to knock some sense into people and I am inspired!

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