Maymo, The Beagle, Tasted A Lemon And He’s Going Nuts! This Is Hilarious!


Maymo is a cute beagle, who just lost his mind hilariously after eating a slice of lemon! Yes, and he was having a lot of fun going nuts!

Lemons have a very different taste and people who ave never eaten one before, like babies and toddlers, hate it. The taste kind of freezes their brain and makes them go nuts for a short period of time!

If lemons tasted like apples or bananas, maybe people would have just picked one and had one as a snack, but since they’re bitter and sour at the same time, no one can bear eating one all by itself. Now what happens if a naughty beagle thinks that lemon is a tennis ball and bites it? This is EPIC!

Maymo is trying to do the impossible – a task others dogs may ave never attempted – biting a lemon and dragging it to his bed. The whole thing is so funny that it starts with him biting, going nuts, regaining sense, biting again, going nuts and it goes on and on! Can you imagine how this cute little beagle felt after digging his teeth deep into what he probably thought was a tennis ball?!

At some point in time, he loses it for sometime and that cracked me up! Check this out and don’t forget to Like and Share the video with your friends!

Feature Image Source: Maymo


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