You Might Have Seen Drummers In Your Life, But No One Will Shock You This Much!


This is a story of a 63 year old drummer called Mary, a woman with some serious skills and talents! Don’t let this shock you!

A lot of people, when they grow old, think that they’re incapable of doing anything serious. Here’s Mary who’s just proved everyone wrong! Her name is Mary Hvizda, who’s love for drums started when she was just 15 years old! Her inspiration? Her brother. She was quoted saying, “He was a drummer and I thought I’d really love to play and drum, and that was my chance.” She was part of an all-girl rock band in La Crosse, in an industry that was then fully male dominated.

Mary said, “It really took a lot of tolerance with the customers, or other male musicians, to hang in there and to just keep going if they laughed at us or made fun of us. It was like every weekend and sometimes it was like five nights a week, and all kind of locally you know, but I loved it.” But this was just the beginning, because Mary then played in nearly a dozen bands, both rock and country western. But then in 1990, her band broke up and she said, “I couldn’t find no other bands to play with, and then I did quit. I still kind of like to go to the music store and play a drum set, and then that’s it. My music urge has been satisfied.

Now years later, thanks to the internet, Mary – who is now known as “Grandma Drummer” – didn’t even know what YouTube was and when she found out that she was an internet sensation she said, “It makes me proud to think that people still think I’m somewhat good and still think I’m still something they’re interested in watching. It’s different. I can’t get used to being called Grandma. I’ve never had children of my own and I never got married, but I am 63 and that is certainly grandma’s age!

Well, what do you think of this? Amazing talent isn’t it? If you liked it, don’t forget to Like and Share with your friends!

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