Mom Finds Her Toddler On The Driveway, Then She Sees The Silver Truck… OMG

If you have issues leaving behind half of your heart every morning and miss a special someone all day at work, this video might be a bit of a tear jerker.

We all have to work, but leaving a toddler is just about the hardest thing to do just before going to work. This guy in the silver pick up knows that the struggle is most definitely real. It’s so real that mom, waiting back at the door, had to finally video tape it and post it so that others could share in the heartbreaking cuteness.

At that age, the little boy probably doesn’t quite grasp the real need for his daddy to leave every day for work. He just knows that it makes him sad and that telling his dad goodbye is very important. You can see how happy it makes dad to know that his little one is so caught up by his leaving.

The kid, however, doesn’t just let it go with a goodbye wave, or even just one hug and kiss goodbye. No, he will miss his dad so much that he needs to have several hugs, and several kisses, and will basically not stop telling his dad exactly how much he loves him.

Take A Look At This Heartwarming Video Here!

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