Mom Is About To Meet A Soldier Who Took Away Her Daughter 18 Years Ago. Watch What Happens. #GrandSalute

This is the story of Awaz Bawari, a mom who watched as a soldier took away her daughter 18 years ago. Today they’re about to meet again for the second time. #GoosebumpsGuaranteed

In 1996, Awaz was on Saddam Hussein’s kill list and so as soon as the United States found out, they granted her an asylum, allowing her to leave Iraq and come to America, but the problem was that her newborn daughter wasn’t included on the list.

When she was crossing the border, she was told that because her daughter wasn’t on the list, she couldn’t take her along. “He actually pointed to the window and said, ‘You can toss her to somebody who can deliver her to your family,‘” Awaz said. “She’s not a sack of potatoes. I’m not giving her to anybody. That’s my baby. That’s the whole point why I’m leaving my country and my mom behind,” she said.

This mother was devastated, how could she leave her daughter behind? Then this soldier came and took her daughter away.

See How She Reacts When She Meets The Soldier Who Took Away Her Daughter 18 Years Ago For The Second Time

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