Not a Joke – This Social Experiment Could Save Your Childs Life!

This video is not graphic, it doesn’t show children being abducted or kidnapped. It was a social experiment done by someone name Joe in the city at a local park. He spoke with the Mom’s of the children before hand and asked them what they think their child would do.

The looks on their faces show that they were as shocked as you will be, and as I was too.

Normally we don’t post things of this nature on LaughandShare, but this video was too important not to share with all of you, and with that being said…we always hope that you share our stories and videos with people that you know…but in this case, sharing this article and video from LaughandShare is much more important than just getting a smile on your face, or a laugh.

This could save a child, and that’s why we need to share this with as many people as possible!

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