One of the BEST Auditions We’ve Ever Seen! Meet Kodi Lee – WOW!


This is Kodi Lee and His Audition Is One of The BEST We’ve Ever Seen!

When he steps on the stage holding his white cane, used for vision impaired individuals like Kodi is, you already are hoping that his performance is going to be something awesome.

Along with his cane, came Kodi’s Mother next to him. She helps to introduce him as well as give Kodi some moral support up on the biggest stage of his life so far.

During the initial conversations with the judges, Tina, Kodi’s Mom explains that Kodi is not only almost completely blind, but autistic as well.

People in the audience don’t know what to think, but as you’ll soon see, everyone in the place was supportive as well as anxious to hear how Kodi was going to do.

Once he sits down and is about ready to play, Tina gives Kody some helpful advice, explains what’s around him and tells him to do his thing with a simple “Go – BOOM!” Kody is excited to start, he does a simple test of his surroundings, the mic height and once he’s ready…he starts.

Nobody in the room, the judges as well as the millions of people who’ve already seen the video could believe what they heard next.

So if you’re ready to hear this amazing audition…check out the video below.


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