Paddy And Nico Audition Before Simon Cowell. You Wouldn’t Believe Her Age And What She’s Going To Do!


Before the video let me just tell you that Paddy’s audition was broadcast on ITV on the 12th of April in the UK. At the end of her audition, judge Amanda Holden sent the pair (Paddy and Nico) straight to the semi finals! But then on the 29th of May, Paddy and Nico were supposed to withdraw because unfortunately during a rehearsing session, Paddy cracked a rib. Amanda Holden was quoted saying, “Ever since I first saw Paddy dance, I fell in love with her. … And I really think she could’ve won the whole show…” The following day, however, Paddy said she was fit enough to dance and as everyone expected, on the 7th of June 2014, at the live final, Paddy and Nico finished in 9th place overall! Check this out and if you thought she was amazing, don’t forget to Like and Share this with your friends!

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