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If Water Were Lava, This Clever Cat’s Creative Solution Will Make You Laugh!


After gracefully descending a set of stone steps, a cat stands on the bank of a river, facing a serious dilemma. She must get to the other side without getting wet. Her only option is a narrow, homemade, metal crossing path the width of her body!

Dancers Form A Line On The Dance Floor, But When They Separate? OMG!


Professional dancers have a rough job practicing each and every step to go along to a song. The only thing harder would be doing it, but for many different songs all at once.

They Couldn’t Understand How Their Dog Escaped His Pen. The Hidden Camera Recorded THIS!


Dogs can be little Houdinis if they want to be some times. Some dogs are trained well, and really love their pens or kennels.

Dad’s Horse Started Acting Strange. But When Dad Neared Him? I Don’t Believe THIS.


Have you ever watched children play outside when they believe there’s no one watching?

Man Was Photographing An Abandoned Hospital When He Heard A Strange Noise…


The right place and the right time saying goes just so far, but sometimes people really find themselves in situations that would have turned out tragically differently if they had not been there.

They Asked This Boy About His Grandmother. His Response Broke The Internet.


My favorite day of the year throughout my school years was always grandparents day. My school would fill with grandparents from all sides of the family.

Poor Husky Spent His Entire Life In Chains. But When They Let Him Free? I’m Crying


Spending your life in lock up is not how anyone dreams their life will go. Dogs are no different, though it sadly seems to be a more common existence for them.

Simon’s Cat Eats Catnip, Then The Funny Reaction Takes Over!


If you haven’t heard about Simon’s Cat it is a cartoon about a patient man named Simon and his rowdy cat.

Woman Tries To Grab Some Tissues, But Keep Your Eyes On The Cat!


When the urge to blow your nose strikes you’re sure to reach for the nearest box of tissues, at least if you have any form of manners that is. Yet I’d watch which box I’m going for if I was you!

All These Cats Have The Same Hilarious Reaction To Ice-Cream


Watching these cats get a brain freeze kind of makes me feel bad that I am laughing this hard. You know they are enjoying the ice-cream so much, not really knowing that sooner or later that horrible brain freeze sensation is coming.

The cats that I really love are the ones who get the brain freeze but stop for a few seconds and continue on licking. You know we have all been there.

You get a huge brain freeze that lasts, for what it seems forever, and the minute the brain freeze goes away you continue stuffing your face. It’s not uncommon for me to suffer several brain freeze moments when eating my favorite ice cream LOL

Does it make me a bad person that I want to run to my freezer and try this on my cat, just to see if mine will do it too 🙂


Source: RokHollywoodTwins