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This is What Every Dog Is Thinking This Thanksgiving


This Is What Every Single Dog in America is going to be thinking this Thanksgiving Day.

This Guy Interviewed His 1 Year Old and Subtitled the Entire Thing – Now You Know What Kids Think About All Day


If you’ve ever watched a toddler playing and talking to themselves and wonder to yourself…”I wonder what they think about all day long?”

This guy did just that and asked his 1 year old the questions that really matter, and his responses are pure gold. To make it even better the Dad subtitled the entire interview.

You’ll never have to wonder another day in your life…all the answers are right here

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This is Hilarious

Father and Sister Play Joke On This Sleeping Baby – This Was Her Reaction


This is Amaya and she was completely passed out asleep on a long car ride home. Her sister and Father decided to see what would happen when they played her favorite song. It didn’t take long for little Amaya to wake up and start dancing and pumping those arms and legs like she’s been drinking coffee and red bulls all morning long.

The big sister in this video has such a cute laugh when her little sister hears the song. You can tell they’re going to be best friends when they get a little older

Little Girl Sits By Herself in Corner While Other Kids Get Gifts From Santa – See Why


While all the other kids were opening their gifts and excited about getting exactly what they asked for, one little girl sat in the corner quietly without a gift. She didn’t want any toys or gifts, she wanted to see her Dad come back from Iraq.

She had only seen him for a total of 14 days in 2 years.

She said the only thing she wanted was to see her Daddy for Christmas this year, but didn’t know who else to ask but Santa Claus.

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I Heard About This Video – But Never In A Million Years Expected It To Be Like This


There are some videos that have been shared on the inter webs that you hear about and wonder if people are making it up. We dug around to see if we could find it and we did, and we still can’t imagine what was going through the minds of everyone involved in this entire process.

There was either a lot of drugs involved or hopefully this was a joke. Whatever it was this is classic and now you can say you’ve seen it all.

This is Every Dog Trainers Worst Nightmare – Don’t Let It Happen To Your Dog


What happens when you place a bunch of dogs together and have them race in a contest? We were not sure, but once you add in some toys, food and a whole lot of other distractions one dog did not like the race and decided to do his own thing. The results are not what the owner wanted.

Needless To Say…this golden didn’t end up winning.

Brand New – Celebs Read Mean Tweets and Can’t Stop Laughing


This is the most recent version of Celebrities Read Mean Tweets, and some of them can’t contain their laughter. Chris Pratt took it like a champ, but Chloe Moretz had the best comeback of all.

Watch the video below – It’s Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud…no LOL…just a real Laugh 🙂

This Prank Goes Horribly Wrong – Not For The Squeamish Or Those That Frighten Easily


This is what happens when a fun prank goes bad. The entire time he was doing this to her she kept telling him he shouldn’t do it, but he did.

When she realizes what he did she loses it on him, and the entire set. Our advice is to be careful when doing pranks to people or things like this can happen.

This is a clip from an episode of Chris Ballinger’s Magic Mondays featuring GloZell. I think after this video he realized, that when GloZell tells him “Not to do that,” he’ll think twice before doing it again 🙂

Enjoy the video

WARNING: Pitbull Finds Cat Inside Home and Shows His Breeds True Nature


They say you should always keep your eyes on your pets. In the news the backlash with Pitbulls is loud and clear, and there is a lot of fear being spread.

We think that this video show’s just how viscous these dogs are.

If you believe that people should be made aware of the true nature of a Pitbull, then we ask you to share this video 🙂

Bloopers and Uncut Videos from Seinfeld – Never Been Seen Before


If you’ve been a fan of Seinfeld, chances are you’ve laughed and shared some of this show’s best lines and scenes with others. Some people can talk for hours about all the great laughs and scenes in numerous Seinfeld episodes.

We stumbled across this video below which has been making us all laugh and remember these awesome episodes. For any Seinfeld fan this is sure to bring back some memories and make you spit out your coffee – You’ve been warned LOL