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You’ll Never Know Why This Guy Said What He Said – But it Worked


There has been a lot of prank videos going viral lately. There is probably a good reason for it…they’re pretty darn funny. What we found in this video makes the prank even better. We don’t know why this guy yells what he does, but when you see what happens you’ll see it works. I think it’s funny that the mime never really broke character until the last moment.

This Baby Loses It When Dad Shows Off His Awesome Dance Moves


Who ever said once you have a baby you can’t go out and have fun and dance anymore obviously never met this little kid. Anytime Daddy dances this little boy can’t control his laughter. He either thinks “Daddy has got some moves” or “Daddy needs to keep his day job!”

Either way this adorable baby laughing and losing control will make you laugh and smile.

Wishes Do Come True – Bride Gets The Best Gift Ever On Her Wedding Day


Just the night before this bride cried in her Mother’s lap wishing her brother could be there for her wedding. Being an active Marine is tough work, and it’s even more difficult to leave when on active duty.

This is proof that wishes do come true, and this bride received the best gift she could have ever asked for.

God Bless our troops and all who have served and currently serving.

German Shepherd Playing Fetch Finds Big Surprise On Patio


It’s not all the time that a dog gets a chance to play fetch and come back to find a huge surprise like this. It takes him a moment to realize just what he got when he came back but once he realizes what’s happening he celebrates the best way a dog knows how.

I’m sure the owner was as happy and surprised to see his dog’s reaction and cherished every moment of it.

Watch What Happens When This Kitten Gets a Kiss From its Owner


Did you ever hear the expression “What if all cats turned into kittens?” Well we bet that after you see what happens to this guy after he films his kitten playing on his shoulder you’ll wish you could go and get a brand new kitten to play with while you work on your computer, or watch TV. Ahhh, let’s just say it…you’ll want a kitten at your house no matter what you’re doing.

Dude Raced a Ferrari on his Bicycle – You’ll Never Believe What Happened


This is not your normal Sunday bicycle ride at the park. Switzerland’s Francois Gissy took riding a bike to a whole new level when he decided to race a Ferrari 430 Scuderia. Not only did he leave the Ferrari in the dust, but he also broke the land speed record when he hit 207mph on that same bicycle. You need to see it to believe it.

New Footage Revealed: Yorkie Puppy Attacks Small Child At Park


This is the kind of thing all parents worry about. Ask any parent and they’ll tell you…when you mix a cute baby with an adorable puppy – Too Much Cuteness…Can’t Control It Anymore.

This is exactly the reason why parents need to keep an eye on their child and their pets, so they can catch videos and photos of situations just like this.

Watch The Video Here And See What Happens

3 Things You Know You Complained About But Shouldn’t Have


Sometimes I have nothing better to do in life than complain. Even if its over silly things such as privileges that others may not even have. Yeah I admit, I am guilty. Here are 3 things I am guilty of complaining about that I know I shouldn’t have.


1) It makes me mad when they misspell my name…


Source: Buzzfeed


2) I hate it when I burn my mouth on hot pizza…



Source: Buzzfeed


3) It makes me angry when I am sleepy and put on two shoes…


Source: Buzzfeed


See 7 more ways people like me complain over things that don’t matter right here.