People Are Wrapping Scarves Around Their Dogs, And The Reason Is A Lifesaver


It may technically be Spring, but in many parts of the country it hasn’t quite warmed up to the point where we’re all wearing shorts yet. I know that in my own closet, my large collection of scarves are still getting quite a workout!

I have another collection of scarves, too, but this one is for my favorite furry family member… my West Highland White Terrier. If you have a terrier, or any dog, actually, you may notice that sometimes your four-pawed bestie gets a case of the shivers in an especially brisk wind, as well as when they get scared by an especially loud clap of thunder or especially terrible storm.

Luckily, dog owners love their four legged friends as much as I do, and have all found the healing power of dog wraps, or ‘dog scarves’, as a good way not just to keep our pets warm, but also to help keep them calm and happy. Usually, when our dog-buddies get scared, a good hug or holding them tightly to us will help to calm them down, too, but this new way of using scarves to wrap the canines is just as, if not more so, effective!


And if you don’t like to knit, that’s no problem.  Any piece of clean, warm cloth will work, and the trick is the way you wrap your pup. As you can see from the image, it’s a breeze:  all you need is a fabric the width and length of a scarf. Then wrap this fabric around your dog’s chest and rear torso and voila! Warm and cozy puppy ready to face the chilliest spring day!

Image & Feature Image Source: Boredom Therapy


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