Pets Need A Pal to Talk to!


Living things tend to be social things. A life spent in isolation is gloomy, depressing and lonely. We all need a companion and pal to socialize with.

Do you ever wish that your dog could talk to you? In this case a dog and a man have an animated and amusing conversation about the new addition about to join their family. With perfect dubbing skills added to the clip see a man talking with his dog about the promise of getting him a kitty. The dog has been looking forward to getting a cat for quite some time and jumps up and down at the thought of meeting his new buddy.


The man is in no hurry though. He wants to recount his day’s adventure in the pet store first. When he informs the dog that he looked at snakes the dog is disgusted, but relived his owner didn’t bring one home. The dog threatens to chew the couches arms right off as the owner continues to list all the animals he has seen at the pet store. Suddenly a sweet little meow pierces the air. The dog is instantly curious wanting to see the new addition to the family, adopted from a shelter!

If your pet needs a companion, consider adopting one as well. Adopting allows you to save a life. Millions of cats and dogs are euthanized each year simply because there isn’t enough space at shelters and not enough people adopting. Many of these shelter animals are healthy and brimming with love to share. Many of these animals are already house trained.

Watch The Video Here

With millions of pets in shelters, you are bound to find the breed, color, age, and temperament of pet you are looking for. Take a lesson from this eager pup-getting a new pet is exciting, even more so if you do so by saving a life and gaining a furry friend. Now this dog will have someone to keep him company during the day when the owner is away!

Feature Image Source: YouTube



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